The down-to-earth Dutch approach: converting a Danish cart into a multifunctional lorry…

New: the Green Lorry

Thanks to its active collaboration with growers, Astens-based company Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility has developed a ground-breaking approach to intelligent horticulture solutions. As this small but significant innovation illustrates, this can range from a high-end scissor lift to a helpful little lorry.

Deense karren wachtenWorking in collaboration with growers, Berkvens greenhouse mobility designed a ‘lorry’ that allows the familiar Danish carts to be placed directly on the tube rails. As a result, there is no longer any need to load plant material from a Danish cart onto a queued tube rail cart.

Once the Danish carts containing the plants have arrived at the grower by truck, they can be rapidly transported to the production line. After having been removed from the truck, the carts are firmly linked together in a simple procedure using special hooks developed by Berkvens. The carts are then picked up by a Greentrack and transported to the production line. They are then uncoupled upon arrival and lifted onto a Green Lorry by means of an ingenious lift system. The Danish cart – positioned on top of the lorry with plant material – then enters the production line, where employees set the plants. Too high up? No problem: a separate optional ladder can also be attached to the Danish cart. Erwin Berkvens: “An effective system that eliminates the need to transfer plant material, allowing growers to significantly cut back on man hours. It also has an extremely short payback period.”

For further information on the Green Lorry, please contact Erwin Berkvens at +31(0)493-670087 or visit www.greenhousemobility.nl

For a clip of the Green Lorry in action, see youtube.